Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First the Vuvuzela, now the AmaShibobo

Its been a long time since I had a shooter of anything other than tequila so I was intrigued to try the AmaShibobo, a World Cup special shooter creation from Distell, in funky soccer ball shape glasses. 

Individually the Amarula drink is the most popular of the trio of Amarula, Peppermint Liqueur and Nachtmusik, the chocolate drink that goes well with coffee and a favourite with locals and tourists.

Not having floated anything other than cream on an Irish coffee for a while, it took me a few attempts to get the green, gold and brown liquids perfect in the glass, but the end result, in taste and appearance, was very good. I enjoyed the combination of the creaminess of the Amarula and the Nachtmusik with the fresh, herbal flavours of the peppermint liqueur.

The shooter can be enjoyed anytime and the individual drinks are not out of place in any bar. Your World Cup soccer experience will be improved with this drink - even if your team is not playing too well.

Viva Bafana. Viva AmaShibobo.

Here is the official press release:


Two’s company and three’s a crowd, which is exactly what you want when festivity is in the air.  Amarula, known globally as the spirit of Africa, is celebrating the continent’s hosting of the biggest sporting event in the world with a three-in-one soccer shooter, AmaShibobo.  Created to mark the tournament, it is made by mixing equal parts of Amarula Cream with Nachtmusik and Oude Meester Peppermint Liqueur.

Says brand manager Lynette Harris: “Ideally you should use a shot glass. Start by pouring the Nachtmusik, follow with the Oude Meester Peppermint Liqueur and top off with the Amarula to create a beautifully layered drink.  First you will encounter the decadently delicious and creamy fusion of marula fruit and fresh cream, that’s reminiscent of vanilla, citrus and exotic spice.  It will be lifted by fresh, tangy peppermint flavours and rounded off with the rich, smooth taste of chocolate.

“A true mark of hospitality that’s impressive to look at and absolutely sensational on the palate, AmaShibobo makes a great way of toasting the teams and enjoying the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, regardless of who takes home the trophy.”

In an agreement with FIFA, Amarula is entitled to market a limited-edition 750 ml pack to commemorate South Africa’s hosting of the games.  On sale now, it is available nationwide and retails for around R85 a bottle.

For further information on Amarula Cream please visit www.amarula.com and on the Amarula Trust www.amarulatrust.com  

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